Monday, January 26, 2009

Raglan Road / Prison Cottages

The first three (of 9) houses on our stretch of Raglan Road, formally Prison Cottages. The porch is shared between two houses. The front of these houses are now Grade II listed. Simliar architectural arches and brickwork would have been found on the prison building.


  1. thanks for posting these do you have one of what may have been no 26 my ancestor William Eveleigh lived at 26 prison cottages he is was a prison warder. I am Julie Day on FB in Washington DC. Don't want to put my e-mail here.. Thanks.

    1. Hi Julie, the house numbers on the main stretch of Raglan Road have been altered since they were built so it's difficult to ascertain which house was number 26. Also, houses used to run down both sides of Raglan Road and on one side the houses no longer exist, so there is a chance that your ancestor's house no longer exists. If you type Raglan Road into Google Maps and select street view you can take a virtual wander down the road and have a look at the houses as if you were standing on the street. I'm sorry I can't help you further at present, but the next time I go to the National Archives in Kew I will see if I can find anything on the original street layout. Regards, Corrinne