Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two surprising discoveries

The first surprise is that our two bedroom house was originally a three bedroom house.

We had always assumed the bathroom and kitchen, both at the back of the house, were added later. But they weren't. They were part of the original house. Obviously the third bedroom is now the bathroom.

So, if there was a third bedroom upstairs, there must have been something below it. But what?

We know there used to be a pantry, a coal cellar and a toilet in that space. But we thought these were open to the elements. Obviously not!

(It would appear from the plans that you had to walk through the central bedroom to get to the master bedroom!!)

The second discovery is that our little stretch of Raglan Road used to have ten houses and now only has nine. One fell off. What a shame.

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  1. Hi Corinne
    We have just moved in down the end of the road I wonder if the tenth house used to be next to us! Fantastic to discover your blog as I work at the Surrey History Centre and was just about to do some digging. Incidentally my great grandfather lived somewhere at the Barracks during his military career. Anyway if you fancy a cup of coffee/tea and a history chat with us do email and we can arrange something.
    Kate x