Friday, December 3, 2010

Prison Burials

I was recently asked where the deceased prisoners were buried. In short I don't know. However, a number of prisoners were buried in Brookwood Cemetery.

In particular a Fenian - by the name of John Lynch - died at Woking Invalid Prison on June 2nd 1866, aged 34, and was buried in a pauper's plot in Brookwood Cemetery.

Close to Woking Invalid Prison was a mental asylum for pauper lunatics whose deceased patients were also buried at Brookwood Cemetery.

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  1. Hi Corrinne, thanks for posting this info. I found out recently that Dad's great uncle Fred died at Woking Invalid Convict prison in the 1880s and have been meaning to see whether I can find where he was buried. Hopefully the Brookwood registers will have this info. Poor Fred was apparently quite a successful small businessman, a hotel landlord, glazier and plumber, but things went badly wrong for him in the 1850s. He first spent 2 years in Portsea jail for fraud, then some years after his release, attempted to murder a Birmingham bank manager following which he was sentenced to penal servitude for life. Reports on both trials refer to his character having altered as a result of a blow to his head. He spent about 10 years in Dartmoor, then was transferred to Woking, presumably when he became ill or infirm. My great-grandmother drew a complete veil over family history, telling her children that they had no relatives on the paternal side.

    This is such an interesting and informative blog. I've been reading it for over a year but only joined as a follower recently.

  2. Dear Corrinne, you might like to add the following link which gives some more information about John Lynch and also refers to one of your other postings on Charles Kickham.

  3. Hi, Thanks for all the fascinating info you have on this site. I've been in contact before as my great-grandmother was born in one of the prison cottages. On reviewing what I know about her, however, I realise that I don't know where (or indeed if) she was christened. Have you got any idea where children born to warders may have been christened? She was born in Jan 1874 and two of her siblings were born in the same registration district, so I'm guessing that they too were born at Woking Invalid Convict Prison. Once the family moved to London, the next child WAS christened, which makes me wonder if the older three were as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I've no idea where to begin! Thanks again, Alan

  4. Corrinne

    I would very much like to use a photograph from your blog for my up-coming book but I can't see a way to contact you directly via email or the blog. How do I do that please?

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